Our story


This is Aaron.

Aaron loves Oolong Tea as much as he loves entrepreneurship. In 2011, he ventured into his first startup to help SMEs fix their IT and networking issues. But there was a problem. He needed money to scale. He proceeded to look for several financial institutions to apply for loans. But there was just too many things to consider, and it was taking up a lot of his time.

This is Edward.

Edward used to work in a financial institution, and he was tired of hawking every product he had to his clients. He strongly believes in prioritizing product according to his clients’ needs. However, due to sales incentives, and the institution’s requirement, he felt that products were often oversold without proper analysis.


Both of us realized that there has to be a better way to close this gap. Aaron would tell Edward about his payment problems, and Edward would find the best deal according to Aaron’s requirements. This was how Paid was born.

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